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Quick Listen:  Mini-Documentary

Working at WAMU and producing material in my Broadcast Journalism class is allowing me to experiment with different sub-cultures of broadcast media. There is the entertainment industry, news, podcasts (an audience for all), sports, and many other things.

Before I got into Broadcast Journalism, I knew that I did not want to do news. It’s interesting that I’m now interning for the metro’s number one public radio station, bringing you news and stories from the District.
There’s a segment on WAMU called “Metro Connection” that brings a human interest story to life for listeners. After working on a story regarding obesity with one of the reporters for the past few weeks, I am inspired.

I completed my Broadcast Journalism I final about shoes. The assignment was to create a mini-documentary that lasted between 4 to 8 minutes. I covered shoes in a materialistic, superficial manner in which people talked about their favorite shoes and I brought in multi-cultural perspectives; however, I wanted to go deeper.  Leading from different cultural perspectives (namely Indian and Kenyan), I talked about Toms shoes and the impact buying one pair of shoes can have on a child. The message was one for one. (Listen Below)
Seven minutes and forty-four seconds later, I created a compelling story that brought together human interest and the awareness of social responsibility. Completing this assignment and working at WAMU has encouraged me to pursuit human interest stories like this.

AU was not wrong when they encouraged students to embrace the term “Wonk” after they modified the definition. I do want to create meaningful change in the world and I am passionate about doing whatever it takes to make sure people know the truth about certain human rights and inequalities. Stories that interest me are things that are often overlooked and do not receive enough attention from the media or society.
I want to create that change so that there can be a better tomorrow.
Mini-Documentary: Let’s Get Some Shoes!

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