The Way Life Should Be

I'm not sure

1. Stop apologizing for things you didn't do.
2. Become an optimist whilst retaining your pessimistic outlook.
3. Be free.
4. When you're stuck in a goldfish bowl, break out. Pull a nemo. Play dead. Get flushed.
5. Stop drooling, start licking.
6. Give up cappuccinos, drink more lattes.
7. Learn to say "I love you" more often. It feels good. Really good.
8. Don't forget, it's ok to be moody sometimes.
9. Yes, when he asks you in for coffee you should say yes.
10. Become the person you want to be.
11. Just let go.
12. Learn to take a compliment, even if it's not the one you want to hear.
13. Remember love doesn't find you on its own.
14. Your story doesn't always need a beginning before the end.
15. Admit your weakness to no one.
16. There's always someone left to blame.
17. Learn the art of selective hearing.
18. Don't stop dreaming because there is no wrong in wanting something more.
19. Nobody knows your limits better than you do, but every once in a while somebody will question all you know and they will push for you for the better.
20. Take a chance.
21. Wear your I ♥ Britney badge with pride.
22. Just for a minute, forget about what's coming tomorrow.
23. Everything obvious has been invented; Think outside the box.
24. "We're so fairytale it makes people sick."
25. Sometimes a thank you isn't enough
26. Forgive but don't forget.
27. Chase the rain.
28. Don't let an invitation become an invasion.
29. Sometimes running is the only way to fight your fears.
30. Make dreams happen now.
31. Don't waste another second, please?
32. Buy your pumpkins early.
33. Discover the person you are before you find the person you need to be.
34. Stop losing things, it costs.
35. Defend your friends.
36. Become your own Buffy; Fight your demons.
37. It is NOT enough.
38. Feel the freedom, even if it is a lie.
39. Get your things and lose your way.
40. You are what you make of yourself.
41. Hold onto something good and don't let go.
42. Don't try and fix what isn't broken.
43. Learn something new. Teach something old.
44. Don't believe a promise that can only be broken.
45. Don't let yourself be somebody's priority if they are only your choice.
46. Open your eyes or ignore what matters most.
47. Time machines don't exist.
48. Let go of the parts of life you honestly don't want.
49. Learn to walk away.
50. Some of the most wonderful people are the ones who don't fit into boxes.
51. Erasing yourself from somebody's life is not as simple as walking out the door.
52. We spend too long thinking about tomorrow when we could be learning from the yesterday we wanted to be today.
53. Let your heart defy your logic.
54. From now on, everyday will be the most important day.
55. We are all equal in the evil and beauty we are capable of producing.
56. It's ok to feel even the tiniest bit of fear.
57. Do what you love and love what you do.

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