the Awakening: What on Earth are you here for?

The title was there, but it was a blank page.

Before I opened the document, I thought about what I wanted to say and how I didn't want to do it now. There are other things to write.

It's not that I haven't been writing. I've been writing quite a bit these days, actually. I've been on a journey. A spiritual, mental, stimulating journey. Lots of thinking involved.

It was is refreshing.

Searching for Purpose #CaliforniWakeningDo you ever feel like there is another calling in your life? As if you are not meant to sit still and accept things / your surroundings as they are...

It's not about being content. Gratitude is always necessary. It's about disrupting the way people think and imagine the world. Inspiring them to open their eyes to see your perspective on a simple matter.

For me, that matter is love. Is that odd? I've always been in love with the thoughts, ideas, definitions, and [more abstract] feelings of what love is, could, and should be. I particularly remember learning about the four types of love in a Greek philosophy course at Uni - philia ("brotherly love"), eros ("love, mostly of the sexual passion"), storge ("familial love" like between parent-child), and agápē ("love: the highest form of love, especially brotherly love, charity; the love of God for man and of man for God").

When you find something that you love or that you are passionate about, it burns you up inside. Something like eros...your passion or purpose gets you excited to have any opportunity to engage in it and share the love that you have. Sometimes you don't understand how people find it hard to see your perspective and why it's so important, but it's okay. We're all pieces in a really big puzzle community with different sections (assignments, people, places) to focus on.

Your assignment is your purpose. It could be for a moment, a season, or even a lifetime. The fact is that if you're still breathing and able to read this article, there's still something for you to do. What are you doing with your time? Do you know what you should be focusing on, or do you let life pass you by without many questions asked? Maybe even feeling a little numb...

If you tell me that this is false and that you don't have a place on this Earth, then I'd like to talk to you about the lies you may be listening to in your head.
There's so much to be done! So many new inventions to create. Apps to be built. Children to be made. Songs to be sung. Grass to be cut. Animals to be cared for. Toilets to be unclogged. So many things that only you could help with at the right time and place.

Don't become restless trying to figure out your great destiny; but live in each moment as if there is a reason for where you are, who you're with, and when.

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