If the Plane Goes Down....

Is it with the irony of life that leaves us with not what we want, but what we don't want and seem to need. The problem is that we refuse to see what we need and continue to focus on what we want. The inner conflict in every man and woman that seems to keep him or her from reaching full potential.

I want to experience everything life has to offer me, but I don't want to have to sacrifice. I don't want to sacrifice myself, my heart, or my time for faded memories or a boulevard of broken dreams. It makes sense why I like to plan now. There is no room for error. No mistakes. And even if there are, I'm prepared -- there's always a plan B.

Relationships don't work that way. People are unpredictable, no matter how much you think you have them down to a T. I always have that gut feeling about someone. It saves me from my own tragedy sometimes and other times, it causes me to fall in a rut that becomes difficult to get out of.

Then there are the people who continuously come into your life and it's SUCH a hard decision to make and decide whether this person is healthy for your life and is supposed to be there or if they're simply a distraction. But what are they a distraction from? The supposed to be's? How do we even know what is supposed to be?

It's quite frustrating to not have control over the future or people. It's fine, like, I understand why God said we can't have either. We are simply not God -- which, even he doesn't control people. We are all at will to do what we please, how we please, wherever we please...in hopes that it is the right decision for our lives and our paths.

We'll just see what happens next.

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